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Lighting portraits with Matt McHugh | A Wex led masterclassLighting portraits with Matt McHugh | A Wex led masterclassLighting portraits with Matt McHugh | A Wex led masterclass


Lighting portraits with Matt McHugh | A Wex led masterclass

  • Days: 1

Lighting portraits with Matt McHugh | A Wex led masterclass

Tuesday 25th February, 10:00am – 4:00pm


Join Matt McHugh for a day exploring, in-depth, the realms of lighting. From studying the basic setups to exploring the accessories that can take your images to the next level, this workshop will ensure you have the skills to start studio shooting at home.


10:00am: Introduction to camera setting, demo of soft and hard lighting.

11:00am: Getting hands-on shooting in our Wex studio setup with a professional model.

11:30am: Looking at soft-side light with soft boxes and panels to experiment with the look of your portfolio shots.

12:00am: Beauty lighting and exploring your lighting options with a variety of accessories

1:00pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Exploring over-head lighting and the effects of reflectors. We will show you how to achieve a variety of different looks when shooting in a less-than-ideal environment.

2:30pm: Diving into three-point lighting setups, the classics of lighting and light meters

3:30pm: Working with what you have - one light setup with grid followed by a short Q&A.


The expert

Matt’s been working in photography retail for over 10 years. His study in photography includes GCSE in photography, A Level and my 3 year HND study in photography. I enjoy portrait and studio lighting but I have also photographed many concerts including Rihanna to Pearl Jam. Rihanna I have photographed 7 times. I have also assisted on a few set including Vikings the TV show, Matt has a real passion for image creation and portraiture he loves to share.


You will need:

-          Your DSLR/mirrorless camera

-          Memory card

-          Spare battery

-          Lunch


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