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Learning wedding photographing | A masterclass, experience dayLearning wedding photographing | A masterclass, experience day


Learning wedding photographing | A masterclass, experience day

  • Days: 1

Learning wedding photographing | A masterclass, experience day


Meet at Reading train station to go to Wasing Park, Wasing Ln RG7 4NG

Sunday 27th October, 11:30am – 4:30pm



A masterclass exploring the depths of wedding photographing and videography within a real-life setting. Transport to and from the venue will be provided from Reading station.

Join expert photographers Esther Ling and Jim Cossey for a one-of-a-kind practical wedding photography and video experience, with no expense spared. This fully-fledged wedding set-up will feature every matrimonial aspect down to the smallest detail of a wedding; from the ceremonial cutting of the cake, to the breath-taking venue.


-      Cake and table styling/food shots

-      Decorations and contextual photographs

-      Bride and groom portraiture

-      Cake cutting

-      Front of aisle shots

-      Photographing confetti

-      Lighting and the importance of equipment

-      Which moments you shouldn’t miss!

Esther will be on hand to help you to hone your production abilities and story-telling techniques in a realistic, stress-free atmosphere. Jim will then guide you through the must-get shots for the special day. We will teach you the skills necessary to capture images and create wonderful content that the happy couple can cherish for a lifetime.

Unlike the usual pressure you will face, we can rewind, repeat and re-capture so that when the expectations are higher and the pressure is on, you can deliver work that your clients are extremely happy with. Our wedding masterclass is tailored to teach and to encourage you to put those fears and anxieties aside leaving you able, confident and fully prepared for any wedding eventuality.

You will need:

-      Memory card

The experts:

Esther Ling:

Esther is a self-taught professional photographer. She specializes in Food Photography but also covers weddings & social location portraits. She believes in simplicity and not overcomplicating the way you shoot. Where possible, Esther works with natural light and wide, open apertures; a definite lover of a shallow depth of field.

Esther will guide you through the step-by-step process of photographing stunning dishes. This workshop will take place using background and natural light to help you to perfect your craft even when you are limited on where you can capture the images. From the presentation to the final image, Esther and Panasonic will be on-hand to give you tips and tricks and help you get some stunning shots for your portfolio.

Jim Cossey

Jim is a multi-award winning, self-taught professional photographer specialising in weddings, landscapes and aerial photography. (CAA Approved Commercial Drone Pilot). Photography is his passion.

Before becoming a professional photographer, he packed up his suitcase and headed off to the French Alps for 3 years to run a ski chalet and to learn more about weddings. He wanted to capture all of the detail, the fun and most importantly, all of the moments of a couple’s wedding day in a fresh, unique and truthful way. Jim’s images always ooze personality.


Wex Photo Video

Wex Photo Video

Established in 1997, Wex Photo Video has helped over 800,000 photographers and videographers achieve their goals. Wex’s dedication to service, expertise and customer satisfaction is underpinned by competitive prices and the largest range of any UK photo and video retailer, with over 19,000 products. The website is complemented by a specialist Customer Contact team, Showroom and extensive online content. Customers can contact Wex seven days a week by phone, email, live chat, social media or in person.

Esther Ling

Esther Ling

Esther has been a full time working pro photographer for 16 years and in the main is self-taught.  A self-confessed, non-techy photographer she learnt on 35mm and carries over her disciplined way of shooting to digital.                              


She specialises in Food Photography but also covers weddings & social location portraits. She believes in simplicity and not over complicating things and works where possible in all genres of photography with available light and wide open apertures, a definite lover of shallow depths of field.

Jim Cossey

Jim Cossey

Jim cossey is a professional landscape and wedding photographer living in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales. After a few years working in the French Alps he returned with a big passion for the outdoors and especially being out in the mountains, wild camping and photographing their beauty throughout the seasons.