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Learning lighting on location (Manchester)Learning lighting on location (Manchester)Learning lighting on location (Manchester)


Learning lighting on location (Manchester)

  • Days: 1

Learning lighting on location (Manchester)

Wednesday 30th October, 10:00am - 1:00pm 



Getting to grips with lighting can be tricky. We will be demonstrating key lighting techniques on location to avoid being stuck in studios and to show you what you can achieve with minimal kit. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those looking to brush up on their skills.

During this on-location lighting workshop, you will focus on the control of light, reflectors, softboxes and lighting placement. Whether you’re shooting natural or enhanced lighting, you will be taken through the basics of lighting a subject outside, harnessing natural light and when to use reflectors.

Put into practice shooting in uncontrolled settings and learn some new skills to take your photography to the next level.


You will need:

-          Your DSLR/mirrorless camera and lens(es)

-          Spare battery

-          Memory card


All levels of photographic kno

All levels of photographic kno

This course is open to all levels of photographic knowledge