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Learn to love your lenses | Winter wonderland with CanonLearn to love your lenses | Winter wonderland with CanonLearn to love your lenses | Winter wonderland with Canon

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Learn to love your lenses | Winter wonderland with Canon

  • Days: 1

Learn to love your lenses | Winter wonderland with Canon

St. Ethelburga’s Church, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG

Friday 22nd November, 12pm – 7pm (sessions are 1 hour long between these times)

£2.00 reservation fee

All the latest lenses will be on-hand for you to try, alongside some of the brand new Canon bodies.

A drop-in session exploring lenses jam-packed with action to show case the range of what you can achieve in a variety of scenarios.

Join Canon and Wex Photo Video for a day full of excitement with dancers, models and a variety of set ups for you to try out all the lenses that Canon have to offer. From ballerinas to tiny creatures, you will have plenty to explore. We will have Canon experts on hand to guide you through the lenses and how to capture the best images on the day in this breath-taking venue. We will have a store set up on-site for you to purchase anything you see.

Set ups:

-          Macro: We have a beautiful array of ivy and white plants climbing the walls, covered in an array of incredible creatures for you to photograph. Never tried macro? Now is the time.

-          Wide angle: At this stunning church, you will see incredible brick work and a beautiful garden which make for the perfect backdrop to experiment with wide angle lenses. The city scape in the background will not disappoint either.

-          Prime: Fancy your hand at fashion? We will have a simple studio setup to help you pick the best lens for getting started with winter commercial/fashion shoots.

-          Fast movement: We will have ballerinas showcasing their pointe and plies through smoke, sparklers and lights for you to experiment with movement in your photography.

Please note that this is a drop-in session and so you will need to pick a time that suits you. There will be plenty of time to get to grips with the latest gear and new photographic techniques, regardless of your ability.

You will need:

-          A memory card


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