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Wex Workshop: Shoot it with Speedlites/Speedlights - Art Nude Photography with John Clements

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Wex Workshop: Shoot it with Speedlites/Speedlights - Art Nude Photography with John Clements

  • Days: 1

Course Details

When utilised to the full, a set-up of one or more Speedlites/Speedlights can be an amazing lighting tool. John Clements is one of the most experienced photographers when it comes to Speedlight photography. 

With decades of use behind him and often called upon by some of the biggest manufacturers to explain their products, John’s workshops have a reputation for being full of useful, repeatable, and inspiring content.

Art nude photography is one of the oldest and most established genres.

Delegates will be amazed at the image quality attainable with the right accessories and technique.

With clear indications of light placement, light shaping tools, planning a session, composition and more, this is a most comprehensive day for Speedlight photographers. 

Using previously shot images by way of explanation, John shares the techniques needed by those shooting images in a home situation, to more exotic locations, inside or out. 

Delegates also have ample opportunity through the practical sessions on the day, to create their own images, as the techniques are explained and explored. 

The day covers the settings needed to use off camera multiple flash arrangements, using a wide range of light shaping accessories.

Delegates are requested to bring their cameras and if they wish flash units, plus lenses from around 50mm to 135 mm or similar in coverage (full frame). A macro or micro lens is also a useful solution.


Some of the content covered: Off camera wireless flash control explored. Working with flash and ambient light outside.

  • Off camera wireless flash control explored.
  • Working with flash and ambient light outside.
  • Working with flash and ambient light inside.
  • Sculpting your subject with light.
  • Getting the creative exposure right.
  • The right light shaping accessory for the effects desired.
  • Posing techniques.
  • Finding the right location.
  • Practical sessions. 

Timetable of the day:

10:10 - 10:30  Coffee and registration

10:30 - 13.00  Morning session

13:00 - 13.45  Lunch

13:45 - 16:30  Afternoon session


John Clements

John Clements

As a professional photographer, John’s client list ranges from the corporate world to the Great British Public. His portfolio contains a broad selection of photography focussed on people and places.

He was Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor of Photography’ for a number of years – a respected and privileged position – and he continues to work with a number of imaging companies as a consultant.

The author of over a dozen books, John has written widely and has road-tested equipment for many photographic publications through the years.

A very experienced presenter, John’s workshops and seminars excite and inspire his students due to his concise and approachable style.