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India Travel Photography Talk: Seminar with Matt ParryIndia Travel Photography Talk: Seminar with Matt Parry


India Travel Photography Talk: Seminar with Matt Parry

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India Travel Photography Talk: Seminar with Matt Parry 

Saturday 24th November, 10:30am - 1pm OR 2pm - 4:30pm


Join us in our London store as travel photographer Matt Parry, presenter of our Balkan Road Trip and Indian Adventure series, gives a talk on his approach to travel photography. With a focus on the Indian Adventure series, he covers everything from the pre-trip planning and kit choices to his approach once in country, his workflow and how having local insight helped to get the results you saw in the videos. 


This talk doesn't just cover the India series as he will use images from around the world to explain how you can apply this approach to your own trips. He will break down some of the different genres that make up travel photography using plenty of tips to enable you to capture compelling images of people, iconic sights and city lights on your next adventure.


Matt Parry

Matt Parry

Matt Parry is a travel photographer, writer and presenter. He has written for some of the UK's most popular photographic magazines as well as being a regular contributor to the Wex Photo Video blog. His images have appeared in Lonely Planet, Wanderlust and National Geographic Traveller as well as a variety of other magazines, websites, blogs, apps, guide books, calendars and exhibitions.


Matt has hosted 2 series of videos on travel photography for Wex Photo Video covering the Balkans and India which you can find on our YouTube channel. You can see some of his images and follow his travels on Instagram: www.instagram.com/mattparryphotography, Facebook: www.facebook.com/mattparryphoto