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Film sets at Wex | Christmas at home with Zeiss (Manchester)Film sets at Wex | Christmas at home with Zeiss (Manchester)


Film sets at Wex | Christmas at home with Zeiss (Manchester)

  • Days: 6

Film sets at Wex | Christmas at home with Zeiss and Nanguang (Manchester)

Monday 18th November – Saturday 23rd November, 10:00am – 4:00pm

FREE with registration (bookable slots are available for private usage - other dates are drop in only)

Join Zeiss, Nanguang and Wex Photo Video in Manchester for a stunning Christmas film setup. Lit beautifully, this living room scene provides a picturesque background for some stunning content to be shot and produced. Our film set will be in store for one week and is free to use, with bookable slots available for private sessions.

Complete with all the elements of a living room, you will find a great place to create your videos for Christmas, whether you are vlogging for YouTube, conducting interviews or putting together University work; shooting Christmas card covers, family photographs or storyboarding; this space is the perfect, simple backdrop, and our team will welcome you in to a professional set up that you can recreate in your home.

There will be a selection of Zeiss lenses available to try out - subject to availability.




This event is sponsored by Zeiss. Zeiss produce high quality lenses suitable for all purposes. We will have selected lenses available to use throughout the event, giving you the opportunity to shoot like the professionals and hone your craft. 

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