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Endangered: An Exhibition by Tim FlachEndangered: An Exhibition by Tim Flach


Endangered: An Exhibition by Tim Flach

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Endangered: An Exhibition by Tim Flach

Tuesday 27th November - Thursday 3rd January, See store opening times


This style of printing is available at Genesis Imaging in London and Loxely Colour in Scotland. The 20 images in this exhibition were expertly printed by ChromaLuxe using ‘dye sublimation’, a unique process that infuses images into specially coated surfaces to create durable, scratch-resistant prints with a variety of finishes.

Wex Photo Video is delighted to present Endangered, the fourth major body of work from celebrated animal photographer Tim Flach. This collection features a range of animal species facing the threat of extinction, some iconic and some less well known.

Described by Flach as the most important of his projects so far, Endangered explores the harsh realities the natural world faces and its ever-growing dependency on the human race. Having travelled around the world, Flach was surprised to find so many iconic creatures on the verge of extinction, despite featuring in numerous books and films, and as cuddly toys in children’s bedrooms.

Through his photography, Flach is keen to communicate a feeling of heightened awareness and explore the importance of our own immersion in nature. His images use a style of representation more commonly associated with portraits of people; thus emphasising his subjects’ character and personality, and removing the sense of ‘otherness’ often felt by humans when perceiving the animal kingdom.

This journey has made it clear to Flach that we cannot just pluck animals from their native environment and put them on an ark to protect their future, without considering the significance of the habitat they have been taken from. Community-based conservation, therefore, has a more important role to play now than ever before; with increasing economic inequality in the world, it can enable people to maintain their livelihoods while protecting their natural heritage.

Never before has it been so important to connect people to nature - our future depends on it.


Tim Flach

Tim Flach

Tim Flach is an animal photographer with an interest in the way humans shape animals while exploring the role of imagery in fostering an emotional connection. Bringing to life the complexity of the animal kingdom, his work ranges widely across species, united by a distinctive stylisation reflecting an interest in how we better connect people to the natural world.

Flach has four major bodies of work: Endangered (2017), More Than Human (2012), Dogs Gods (2010) & Equus (2008). Hisimages have been acquired by major public and private collections and exhibited worldwide. Commissioned by leading editorial and commercial clients, he has garnered multiple awards including three Cannes Lions.

Flach is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from University of the Arts London in 2013. He lives and works in London with his wife and son.