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Dead End | An exhibition by Alan McFetridgeDead End | An exhibition by Alan McFetridgeDead End | An exhibition by Alan McFetridge


Dead End | An exhibition by Alan McFetridge

  • Days: 30

Dead End | An exhibition by Alan McFetridge 

Sunday 1st September - Monday 30th September, 


In his first solo exhibition at Wex London, Alan McFetridge presents work from his research project on fire ecology. Shot in the boreal forest of Canada; a hauntingly beautiful array of large scale photographs creates an acute awareness of fossil fuels danger to social, economic and political stability.

As climate heating becomes increasingly obvious and tangible, this field study is organised to emphatically state the proximity of a point of no return to the land we inhabit. A dead end, where anthropogenic carbon emissions drive the planets largest woodland and green lung rapidly towards a tipping point of total collapse. In this body of work a catastrophic out-of-season pyro-grade hellfire became an intensely traumatic event for an unsuspecting community of over 120,000 people. It became Canada’s largest mass evacuation and its most costly natural disaster.

McFetridge’s methodical approach finds clarity amidst chaos of aftermath. His work is constructed by a complex process that combines an analog style large format camera with modern digital capture. A process designed to offer a cinematic aesthetic to his landscapes. Highly detailed, the prints pin sharp renderings represent a human field of view from head height perspective.

Fire regimes have entered an unprecedented phase in many parts of the globe. Fire seasons are extending in regions where there is an ancient history, other regions have experienced fire for the first time in thousands of years. At a time of accelerated heating, the question of adaptation becomes central. Governments and citizens seeking to prevent significant social, political and economic fallout from the developing global fire crisis must act now.


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