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Conservation with a Camera: Seminar with Craig JonesConservation with a Camera: Seminar with Craig Jones


Conservation with a Camera: Seminar with Craig Jones

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Conservation with a Camera: Seminar with Craig Jones

Thursday 29th November, 12pm - 3pm OR 4pm - 7pm  


*This talk will contain images and may provoke discussions that some attendees could find upsetting.

*This talk will contain content that some attendees could find upsetting.

The word conservation means many things to many different people; it brings to mind all sorts of thoughts when that word is mentioned. For Craig it means simply to care, to love and to protect wildlife. With minimal intervention twinned with a great respect for wildlife, he uses his camera as an extension of himself, importantly, giving the subjects a voice and platform.

Putting together conservation and photography can be very powerful, combining these two elements can have a profound impact that can move people, to such a degree that change can and does happen.

From the start of his career, Craig donated photographs to charities in order for them to use, sell and help the plight of those animals.

Being allowed into a world we know little about is something that touches Wex greatly. Growing up Craig always helped any living creature he could, and, as a child he built a bird aviary and often neighbours would bring birds to try and help and nurse them back to health or take them to a local rescue centre nearby.

This talk will cover all of the above alongside the boundaries of photographing animals in their natural habitats, promoting good wildlife photography practice and helping conservationists and charities along the way. Craig will also talk about everything involved in wildlife photography aside from using your camera.


Craig Jones

Craig Jones


Craig is a professional wildlife and conservation photographer, an experienced expedition and workshop leader, who runs his own photo tours and expeditions to many places throughout the UK and further afield, around the world. A finalist twice in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year and finalist in the GDT European Wildlife photographer of the year, Craig has a lot of experience under his belt working with wildlife.

An Ex-Soldier, expert in field craft and tracking skills, jungle and mountain survival leader, he has always found peace within nature. Bringing all those skills together to produce images by placing a frame around something he’s seen, to show others the beauty of the natural world.

He is committed to helping wildlife and conservation. 

His images are widely published throughout the world having graced the covers and pages of numerous premier publications.  His images also support a number of wonderful charity’s.