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Colour Science, Lighting and LUTs: Seminar with Cirro Lite and Kino FloColour Science, Lighting and LUTs: Seminar with Cirro Lite and Kino Flo


Colour Science, Lighting and LUTs: Seminar with Cirro Lite and Kino Flo

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Colour Science, Lighting and LUTs: Seminar with Cirro Lite and Kino Flo

Wednesday 9th January, 11am - 1pm OR 2pm - 4pm 


This talk runs through the very latest colour science – how do you maximise skin tones and colour reproduction in a world of mixed, inconsistent lighting sources. The correct rendering of colour at the start of the photographic process not only simplifies workflow but also ensures faithful reproduction of natural skin tones, helping to capture the images that are both compelling and rich! This technical talk covers colour Gamut and its relationship to camera, lighting instruments and display devices. There will also be some of the latest technology on show to demonstrate how the future of lighting is adapting to camera technology.

We have asked David Morphy from Cirro Lite to deliver this talk for Wex after collaborating with our corporate team to deliver lighting systems to some of the UK’s largest fashion brands. His latest work has been in the area of tuning lights into specific camera LUTs (this will be the first view of this technology in the UK).  His systems have helped a number of high-end users transition both their stills images and video imaging onto continuous lighting. His background includes both high end stills and moving images including films like Mission Impossible, Harry Potter, Bourne series and work with brands like Burberry, M&S, Levi’s, etc.

As the requirement for both moving and still images keeps increasing, so does the competition for attention in a crowded market place – this talk is aimed at providing the professional with the tools to take control of some of the crucial elements in the image making process.



David Morphy

David Morphy

Cirro Lite was launched by David Morphy and John Coppen to distribute Kino Flo lighting equipment beyond the borders of Hollywood, where Kino Flo was already an established presence on the sets of US shows, and it looked to Cirro Lite to expand internationally.

At the same time, Morphy took on LA-based Lightning Strikes, another iconic piece of kit used to create a multitude of explosive effects – some early examples include the machine gun in Schindler's List and the train crash in the channel tunnel at the climax of Mission: Impossible. Some of the early customised controllers are still on show at Cirro Lite.

Since inception in 1992, equipment it has supplied for sale or rental has been used on iconic movies from In the Name Of The Father and Saving Private Ryan, the Harry Potter and James Bond franchises, up to the last London-set series of 24 and, currently shooting, Disney's Beauty And The Beast, for which the company says it is supplying an astounding one million watts of Soft Sun units to light the stages at Shepperton.