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Colour Management DemystifiedColour Management DemystifiedColour Management DemystifiedColour Management Demystified

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Colour Management Demystified

  • Days: 1

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Colour Management is perhaps the most misunderstood facet of digital photography, and this is not helped by the huge amount of misinformation available on the internet.

The reality of Colour Management is that it's simple and straight forward – once you understand it.

The aim of this workshop is to explain in simple terms exactly what colour management is, why you need it, and how to easily set up and work within a colour managed workflow.

A correct colour managed workflow is the only way of ensuring that your images look exactly as you want them to look across all display media, from the web to print and all digital devices.

Additionally, a colour managed workflow is the only way of ensuring that you can reproduce colours accurately when working in situations ranging from fine art archival work to make-up and beauty product photography and graphics.

In this workshop we will cover the 3 basic steps to correct colour management:

  1. Colour Spaces - how they relate to our eyes, each other, and our camera sensor.
  2. Monitor Profiling – the single most important step of the process.
  3. Soft-Proofing for output – this where we ensure that our images look the same on the web or in print as they do on our monitor.

In addition we will learn how to set up Adobe Photoshop so that it works in unison with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)for a fully controlled colour managed workflow.

This workshop might sound boring, but believe me, it will reward you countless times if you are one of the many for who colour management is something of a 'foggy day'!

Please ensure that you bring note taking materials with you.


Andy Astbury

Andy Astbury

Andy is a full-time natural history and landscape photographer and a globally recognised specialist teacher of Lightroom, Photoshop, Printing, Colour Management and camera technique.

He has been taking pictures for a living since the late 1970's after studying photography for 3 years at college and acquiring his City & Guilds 744.

He teaches in his own inimitable style, and breaks tasks down into their simplest components – nothing in photography is difficult, it can be as tedious or as simple as you care to make it.

After over 30 years in the business he knows virtually every tip and trick in the book on how to get what you want from both your camera and your processing.

Andy teaches you how to keep things both simple and effective, so making better use of your available time, both behind the camera and in front of your monitor.