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Canon EOS Road ShowCanon EOS Road Show


Canon EOS Road Show

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Canon EOS Road Show

Monday 23rd April, 10am - 4pm


Canon will be putting on an EOS Road Show, showcasing everything they have to offer in the M-series and accessories. This exciting event will feature a hands-on workshop in the afternoon to help you improve your camera skills and get the chance to test out some of the models in store! 

The day will include: 

  • A morning seminar on the 6D Mark II and 5D Mark IV alongside the L lens!
  • An early afternoon seminar on the new M50 and other mirrorless cameras!
  • An afternoon workshop directed around Portraiture and Beauty with the new Speedlite flash and studio lighting


You will have the chance to work with a studio set up on our mezzanine level and try out all the Canon equipment you want to try! Pop along to our registration site to get you tickets before they sell out! There will be plenty of experts available to help you on the day! 

Please register here:




Quentin Caffier

Quentin Caffier

French-born Quentin Caffier started out studying social sciences but has worked as a professional photographer since 2008. He specialises in studio work – largely portraiture and fashion photography for advertising campaigns – but also fine art.

Quentin won a Broncolor Award in 2008, an SFR Young Talent Award in 2009. In 2011, he teamed up with four partners to launch Five Monkeys Studio in Paris, a space dedicated to photographic as well as video and 3D experimentation. Clients include many gaming companies, advertising agencies and commercial websites. Among Quentin’s awards are Best Cinematography, Canadian International Fashion Film Festival, 2016 and Finalist at the 64th Bourse au Talent Photographie.com – Paris, in 2015.

Quentin says his work has been highly influenced by counter cultures such as punk, gaming and manga, and his images have been exhibited numerous times in Paris and Tokyo, where he lived for a while.

Quentin’s artistic influences range from photographer Erwin Olaf to filmmakers David Cronenberg, Wes Anderson and Darren Aronovsky. He also cites musicians David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Trent Reznor as having a big impact on his work.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

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