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C200 Workflow Day - Seminar with Ollie KenchingtonC200 Workflow Day - Seminar with Ollie Kenchington


C200 Workflow Day - Seminar with Ollie Kenchington

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C200 Workflow Day - Seminar with Ollie Kenchington 

Tuesday 10th July, 10:30am - 1pm OR 2pm - 4:30pm


There will be no need to attend both sessions as they will replicate each other.

Ollie set up Korro Films, a UK based film production company, in 2008. Korro produces commercials, short films, documentaries and promotional content for major global brands. Whether he is shooting, editing or grading, Ollie is an assured practitioner across all areas of filmmaking, giving him a deep understanding of the creative process, which allows his agency to flourish in this competitive industry. 

Wex are proud to host a seminar in which Ollie explains his workflow techniques surrounding the C200. 

This Seminar will cover:

  • Introduction to C200
  • Overview of C200 codecs
  • Overview of C200 IPP e.g. 14-bit internal processing
  • Raw technical overview


Best Practices for:

  • Overview of Canon log EOTFs
  • Black balancing
  • White balancing



  • MP4 demo (to show it’s better than the numbers suggest)
  • Canon raw development tools
  • Proxy workflow with XF-AVC
  • FCP X raw Workflow
  • Premiere raw Workflow
  • Resolve raw Workflow
  • Noise reduction


Ollie Kenchington

Ollie Kenchington

Ollie is also among the most highly qualified and respected film production and post-production trainers in the UK right now. Over the last twelve years, Ollie has taught thousands of aspiring filmmakers as an Apple Certified Master Trainer, Adobe Certified Instructor and Blackmagic Certified Trainer. Ollie also shares his insights with the filmmaking community as a contributing writer for Cinema5D and FilmConvert and through talks at events for Canon, Atomos, X-Rite, Rotolight and CVP. 


Ollie regularly delivers masterclasses in DaVinci Resolve at the YouTube Space: London and is the lead tutor and founder of Korro Academy, a Blackmagic Design Certified Training Partner and prestigious film academy, that is attempting to re-shape the way film is taught in the modern era and help create the next generation of independent filmmakers in the UK.