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Atomos Seminars and Open DayAtomos Seminars and Open Day

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Atomos Seminars and Open Day

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Atomos Seminars and Open Day
Thursday 23rd August, 10:30am - 5pm


Join us at our Whitechapel store for our Atomos Seminars and Open Day this August.

On Thursday 23rd August will be running two interactive seminars on the latest advances in acquisition and delivery: High Dynamic Range and Pro Res Raw, as well having the whole Atomos external recorder range on live demonstration with the latest professional Camcorders.

If you want to get hands-on with the latest Atomos Recorders, shoot for HDR delivery and get the best out of the new Apple Pro Res Raw Codec, then this is the day for you.

Global Distribution’s Richard Warburton will be taking the seminars, and our own pro video experts will also be on hand for demonstrations. Book your place now!

HDR Seminar from 10.30am onwards:

HDR – Understand the technology and learn how and why you should produce HDR content.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) represents the biggest step forward in the way that video content is delivered and consumed by the viewer in more than a generation. For too long video has stepped from analogue to digital and walked the line of ever-increasing resolutions, yet despite display technology evolving at an impressive rate we had been governed by standards that were archaic by comparison. Several years ago, standards changed to incorporate HDR technology and over the last couple of years these new standards too have evolved. HDR is not a new topic, but understanding what the technology is, how it impacts the viewing experience so profoundly and how you can adopt a workflow with HDR deliverables in mind is key to keeping up with where the video industry is headed. The big content giants of today such as Netflix, Amazon and soon Apple, are already delivering truly huge amount of HDR content, but both corporate and private content producers are also seeing the benefits of HDR content through their ability to deliver and consume content through platforms such as YouTube and 4K Blu-Ray.

This session will provide an overview of video display technology and demystify HDR and standards. You will understand how HDR workflows can deliver a greater narrative to your filmmaking, how to work with HDR delivery in mind for the future or in fact deliver HDR content today – regardless of the project budget and client.

Following the seminar and Q&A there will be hands-on time to demonstrate shooting for HDR and delivering for HDR.

Pros Res Raw Seminar from 2pm onwards

ProRes RAW – Discover this ground-breaking new codec and how to work with it.

ProRes RAW is a new codec developed by Apple that was announced in partnership with Atomos at NAB 2018, whom provide the ability to record ProRes RAW in their award-winning Shogun Inferno and Sumo19 products. A lot of questions have been asked about ProRes RAW; is it really RAW? How do I work with it and does my current camera support it? Why and when should I use it over ProRes or CinemaDNG?

This seminar will explain the technology and frame-work around this ground-breaking new codec and not only answer these questions but delve in to the world of video production and how ProRes RAW supports other industry developments such as HDR. In essence ProRes RAW takes the principles of the incredible compression technology that made ProRes the de facto post-production format and applies that to RAW camera data – providing users with the performance of ProRes and the flexibility offered by working with RAW camera data in post-production.

This session will also feature some hands-on time and demonstrations after the seminar and Q&A.


Richard Warburton

Richard Warburton

Richard is a director of product and technology at one of the leading global distributors of solutions to the media and entertainment industry, Global Distribution. In over 17-years of working with the photographic, broadcast and film industry Richard has seen huge changes in technology and workflows and has played a part in ensuring users keep pace with appropriate technology. HDR is a topic Richard has been highly engaged in for over two years, presenting many seminars and sitting on panel discussions with some of the leading post-production companies and content producers in the world. Richard has a clear understanding of the entire production pipe-line from acquisition right the way through to the long-term preservation of mastered content.