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Atomos open day | Seminars and drop inAtomos open day | Seminars and drop inAtomos open day | Seminars and drop in


Atomos open day | Seminars and drop in

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Atomos open day | Seminars and drop in

Friday 14th February, 10:30am - 5pm

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Join us at our Manchester store for an Atomos open day this February

We will be running two interactive seminars during the day as well as a hands-on demonstration of the Atomos product range. Atomos expert Richard Warburton will be leading the seminars, and our own pro video experts will also be on hand for demonstrations.

Each seminar will last approximately one hour:

10:30am Understanding codecs, compression and colour, alongside what you need to know about working with video.

Becoming a filmmaker or videographer is often seen as a daunting prospect, regardless of whether you’re working on a professional level or not. There is a huge variety of file formats, which are typically referred to as a type of codec. You will hear technical speak such as colour subsampling levels and why 4:2:2 is better than 4:2:0; why capturing 10-bit is so important compared to 8-bit.

This accessible session is suitable for all levels of photographers looking to work with video and will demystify the technology and science behind video production and explain what allof the terminology means. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to move forward and how to incorporate video into your work.

2:00 pm - Using external monitor-recorders +how to achieve high levels of video and film production with your camera.

Regardless of whether you are an enthusiast or professional photographer; independent filmmaker; broadcaster; if you are shooting with mirrorless, pro video, broadcast or even cinema cameras, the benefits of adding an external monitor-recorder to your setup can pay dividends to the quality, efficiency and speed of your workflow. Monitoring the images you’re creating with your camera is vital to achieving high-quality end-results. Using a professional monitor that provides the necessary tools to correctly focus, frame, expose and colour correct is essential. External recorders carry their own huge benefits too, especially with DSLR, CSC (mirrorless) and mid-level pro video camera. They will often enable you to bypass the internal limitations found in-camera and unlock the true recording capability of your camera.

This session will differentiate the processes found in-camera and those that are provided by devices attached to the camera, both by monitors and also by combined monitor-recorder devices such as the defacto Atomos range. The entire video workflow will be covered from acquisition to edit, and the features and benefits of working with external peripherals will be covered in detail. We will also look at working with RAW video, high-frame rates and for both SDR and HDR (High Dynamic Range) content creation and the relevance of Log formats along the way.

This session is suitable for all levels of video production, but has a particular benefit to and CSC (mirrorless camera) users as well as those of mid-range video cameras such as Panasonic’s EVA-1, Sony’s FS5/FS5M2 and Canon’s C200 models.


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