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An Introduction to Adobe Lightroom, February 2018.An Introduction to Adobe Lightroom, February 2018.An Introduction to Adobe Lightroom, February 2018.An Introduction to Adobe Lightroom, February 2018.


An Introduction to Adobe Lightroom, February 2018.

  • Days: 1

Course Details

Wex Photo Video's very own Ben Piper is returning to our Norwich showroom to take you through all the basics of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. The evening will be packed with helpful hints and detailed advice for beginners, covering everything you need to know to get stuck into editing in Lightroom.

What will be covered:

  • What Lightroom is used for
  • Lightroom interface
  • Importing files into Lightroom
  • Organising images
  • Selecting files for editing
  • Develop settings
  • Working in black and white
  • Working in colour
  • Exporting images correctly

We look forward to seeing you there.

About Ben Piper

Ben's love for photography stems from a young age, having been introduced to his first film camera aged 7. Over the 20 years since that introduction, his passion has grown and has taken him and his cameras all over the world. Throughout Ben's photographic life, he has explored various areas of photography, with environmental portraits always at the forefront of his exploration. There's never a moment where his camera is more than an arm's length away and he maintains this ethic to make sure he never misses a photographic opportunity.

Ben is currently a very active canine photographer, shooting throughout the Norfolk area and occasionally a little further afield. As a portrait photographer, keeping his images organised and backed up is paramount and having the tools to do as much top-level editing as possible is just as important.

"Lightroom Classic CC gives me almost everything I need in one piece of software. Apart from portraiture, my personal pursuit in photography covers pretty much the rest of the world. I really enjoy landscape and architecture photography - it's an area that allows me to take my time and if I need to, I can wait all day for the light to be just right..."


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