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Abstraction and experimentation: A workshop with Eva KalpadakiAbstraction and experimentation: A workshop with Eva Kalpadaki


Abstraction and experimentation: A workshop with Eva Kalpadaki

  • Days: 1

Abstraction and experimentation: A workshop with Eva Kalpadaki

Thursday 20th June, 10am-4pm


Join Eva Kalpadaki for an informative workshop which explores the freedom and mindfulness of photography by putting into practice some of the basic aspects of abstraction. 

Taking photographs can become a very creative act once we stop thinking about the ‘how to’ and start to explore the world with different eyes. Being thoughtful and paying attention to unnoticeable or microscopic subjects can fundamentally improve our photography skills through improving our focus by investing objects with varying visual significance. Thinking outside the box can open you up to creating the most unexpected images.

This workshop aims to encourage the participants to be more playful in their approach to image making, in a free, unobstructed manner. Open-minded in breaking the technical restrictions, you will be challenged to go beyond your limits, exploring what’s hidden behind what we normally see.

Eva will also supply PDF handouts after the session with a summary of the workshop to help you on your abstract journey.



 10:00- 11:00 am  - Introductions

  • Beginning of theory session
  • Story-boarding
  • Looking at various photographers' work
  • Discussing techniques and composition 

11:00 am - Break

11:10 - 12:00 pm - Continuation from the morning session

  • Critical discussion of classic and contemporary works
  • Looking at historical developments of abstract photography alongside other genres and art movements

12:00 - 12:30 pm - Lunch Break 

12:30 - 3:00 pm – Practical

  • Exploring the morning sessions in a more visual manner. 
  • Working on specific themes suggested
  • Shoot freely, exploring what you have learnt about the abstract.

3:00 - Break

3:10 – 4:00 pm – Feedback and summary of the day

  • Looking at each other's images captured throughout the day
  • Critiquing and reflecting

You will need:

  • Your camera and lenses
  • A spare battery
  • Memory card
  • A couple of examples of abstract photography
  • Your lunch


Eva Kalpadaki

Eva Kalpadaki

Eva was born in Greece. After she was awarded a Greek State Foundation scholarship she moved to UK to complete a PhD in Arts and Communication at UCA. She is currently based in Brighton working as a fine art photographer and a PGCE qualified photography teacher. In her artistic practice, she works against the conventions of what our expectations from Photography are. She is not using the photographic medium to produce a record and a document of the world, which is what we usually expect to see in a photograph. She is using it to question the nature of photography and to cause a tension in what we are looking at. She is playing between representation and abstraction and she is producing photographs that become diachronic objects of aesthetic contemplation. She was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2008 exhibition among numerous solo and group shows.